Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Rocky Road of Coping with the Internet and Computers

Today was a fun day...not! (I picked up that expression from one of my students! :) )  I worked on getting my book trailer on my Authors' Den page with the biography.  I figured that out, but I had trouble with getting the poetry book, Pulse Points of a Woman's World video posted with the book.  I finally yelled "Uncle",  and asked for help.  I had a quick reply that they were going to try to help me. 

My anti-virus program somehow was changed when I purchased my new computer.  I had a subscription that did not expire until the end of 2013.  The message I received from my virus protection program said it expired in five days.  I called support, and by the time they got everything straightened out it took up more than an hour.   I am sure that you know that you must know what you have to go through with you call for support. 
First, the automated operator who gives you all sorts of numbers to select and push to get the correct extension.  Then, you are put on hold forever while you listen to music and all sorts of voice recordings before you finally get to speak to a person.  Finally, when you get to speak to real person, they thansfer you to another person who puts you on hold so that you can go through the entire process again.  Once you get the correct person, you must give them all the ID information once more before they can begin to help you.  I must admit there were times I just wanted to hang up and say forget it, but I hung it there like a trooper because it was important to get it all straightened out.

The next thing I dealt with was trying to get my book trailer for the poetry book, downloaded from YouTube so I could post it in with the "book" on my Authors' Den page. I had problems there, and that took up at least another hour or more.  Here again, I had to yell, "Uncle".  I contacted support, sent them a message about the problem I was having.  I received an email saying that a technical support person would try to help me with this problem. 

I checked and responded to all my email...as I could...because I have the new Internet Explorer and it takes fits of shutting down when you try to send an email.  However, I managed to get them all answered by closing IE, cleaning my temp files and finally rebooting my computer.  That was about 5 times today.  I really wish they would get this bug fixed. 

Can you believe it, I am still in a good mood!  These are just little pebbles that find their way in your pathway.  There really is no reason to let them become rocks or even boulders.  How was your day?

More updates to come!

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