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Review 1:

"Taking the rocky road with Sylvia is a joyful challenge. It takes the reader through the most common and uncommon hardships, but at the conclusion of this delightful journey, the reader feels more joy and satisfaction: Love, faith, and incredible guts turn the rocky road into an assuring path that all of us so humanly desire. This book is so uniquely universal in every essential aspect that I enthusiastically recommend it to all readers regardless of their age, gender, and race.” ~ Dr. Aman B. Kay, English Professor, Internationally published author.

Review 2:

“I just read the book, wow!”  I had the honor of reading Sylvia's book before it was published and became instantly in awe of the strength, love, sense of humor, and dedication this author portrays in her book and her life! This book takes you through Sylvia's life showing how she not only survived many very harsh realities, but also came out a winner! The fact that she has dedicated her life to helping others diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and to help raise the awareness level of Bladder Cancer to the same level as other Cancers, is an inspiration to anyone and everyone who reads her story. Sylvia is donating 100% of the proceeds from this book (and her others) to The American Bladder Cancer Society! I am lucky to have met Sylvia and am looking forward to receiving the paperback copy of the order I just placed - my small contribution to her cause! Thank you Sylvia!  ~ Julie Weishaar

Review 3:

"This is the story of a medical marvel that faced odds worse than winning the lottery. Determination and hard work beat 3 major illness and keep the author going even today fighting a 4th. Her struggle to support a family and care for a husband who had failed to support her efforts shows what character is made of. By hanging tough and fighting through adversity, she has achieved and gone from a mother with 2 kids going to college to being a Full Professor and talented author. By being who she is, she has found love and happiness and shares her blessings with others thru her writing and donation of book proceeds to the American Bladder Cancer Society. A Great Book-Buy It. I did."  ~ Dr. Tom Rezner

Review 4:

"This is a beautiful story of hope, encouragement and faith overcoming obstacles in life. Ramsey shows lessons learned early really apply and can work wonders. Everyone should read and enjoy her positive message in an often negative world."  ~ Mary Forbes

Review 5:

"This is a tale of strength in the face of adversity. How one woman survived psychological and physical blows to her psyche and health to overcome them with courage and resilience. Sylvia faced many challenges in her life, from childhood trauma, to difficult times in her marriage, then with personal health. It was heartbreaking to learn that both received news, on the same day, that each one of them faced a cancer diagnosis--her husband prostate cancer and Sylvia's bladder cancer. Sylvia was already taking care of her husband with COPD and now prostate cancer, facing bladder cancer herself, and having to deal with her full-time, job and the only wage earner in the family.

This amazing book has it all, from terrible news to lighter humor. It all happened when a large raccoon was found on their exercycle in the morning room. He was sitting on the bike with his hands on the handle bars trying to figure out how to work it. This book is a valuable addition to those suffering from cancer and at the same time for those who have their health. Many times in life we agonize over the small dramas and forget the most important thing: that we're here on earth to enjoy life as best as we can and to forgo the insignificant events in our lives. This book teaches just that." ~ Lilian Gafni

Review 6:

"Sylvia Ramsey takes you on a journey through her life, mostly the challenging times. Her story encourages us all to support one another and to remember that as women, we are strong and pillars of strength." ~ Theresa Potts, Book Reviewer - Authors Den

Review 7:

"When life throws everything at you at once, you just have to keep trucking. "Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith, and Guts: Bladder Cancer, COPD, Caregiving, Polio, and More" is a memoir from Sylvia L. Ramsey as she shares her journey to facing cancer and many other ailments, and how she found the strength to overcome them all even stronger. "Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith, and Guts" is a fine addition to any health-related memoir collection." ~ John Burroughs, Reviewer - The Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Book Watch, May 2012 - Burroughs' Bookshelf

Review 8:

Posted on Amazon Book's Page:
An amazing attitude to life, May 24, 2012
By  Jill Sadowsky (Israel) -
This review is from: Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith, and Guts: Bladder Cancer, COPD, Caregiving, Polio and More (Paperback)
Sylvia Ramsey used one of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt, which has helped me cope with tragedy in the past. I hope that many people read your book, not only to show that one must not give up when life gets difficult, but to show how much the human body and mind can take. I hope that from now on, you will be blessed.

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Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts: Biography - Hello, my name is Sylvia L. Ramsey. I live in Georgia, but I grew up in a very rural area in Southeast Missouri. When I am writing or blogging, I work full-time at a two-year liberal arts college....

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  1. Thanks Ms. Ramsey for the invitation. I'll be enthusiastically attending.

    Aman Kay

  2. This is a good book. It was a little difficult for me to read because of being her eldest son and living through many of the things.


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