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Author’s memoir ‘Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts’ shows story of survival, faith, perseverance
Sylvia L. Ramsey shares her journey through life’s harsh realities in an effort to inspire others and show them how to overcome and survive
AUGUSTA, Ga. – Sylvia L. Ramsey describes her memoir “Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith, and Guts: Bladder Cancer, COPD, Caregiving, Polio and More” (ISBN 1463554672) as a simple story about living life and surviving the obstacles life gives you. Ramsey has faced many trials and tribulations in her lifetime, but she believes if you have faith in yourself, you can overcome anything.

Ramsey uses a quote from Reba McEntire as it applies to her life, “Surviving takes a backbone, a funny bone, and a wishbone.” After surviving polio at the age of four, she faced life with an abusive mother who dealt with her own mental health issues. Ramsey then found herself as the main caregiver for a husband who was abusive both verbally and emotionally; taking care of his diagnosed COPD. After years of care and sacrifice, Ramsey and her then husband were both diagnosed with cancer on the same day, her husband with prostate cancer and she with invasive bladder cancer.

Despite all of the obstacles life has thrown at her, Ramsey keeps a positive outlook on life. As a 17-year cancer survivor, she believes her perseverance and determination to survive has gotten her through everything she has endured.

“Life has thrown a lot of rocks in the road along my journey, but as long as I have love, faith and hope, I shall not fear tomorrow or the day after that,” Ramsey says. “My book doesn’t judge or try to give advice, but hopefully it will inspire others to forge onward and never lose faith in themselves.”

Ramsey hopes her memoir shows readers how to persevere despite life’s obstacles. She will be donating 100 percent of the proceeds from this book (as well as her other published books) to the American Bladder Cancer Society. Ramsey also provides readers with more information about her memoir with her book trailer.  

“Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith, and Guts: Bladder Cancer, COPD, Caregiving, Polio and More” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:
Sylvia L. Ramsey is an author, professor, survivor of stage three bladder cancer and the vice president of the American Bladder Cancer Society. She started writing at the age of nine for her local newspaper. Ramsey’s short stories and poems have been featured in several publications and literary journals. She is a communications professor and the academic resource center coordinator at Georgia Military College.

Sylvia L. Ramsey
Phone:                         (706) 364-7040



ISBN-13: 978-1463554675
ISBN-10: 1463554672
LCCN: 2012900581

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  1. Great job Sylvia in helping to get the word out to help those in need. You are a true inspiration to all! :)


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