Hello, my name is Sylvia L. Ramsey. I live in Georgia, but I grew up in a very rural area in Southeast Missouri.  When I am writing or blogging, I work full-time at a two-year liberal arts college. 

 I am a communications professor and the coordinator for the Academic Resource Center/Library. as well as the advisor for our campus' newspaper, the GMC Journal.  I am the vice president of the American Bladder Cancer Society, and a seventeen year survivor myself. 

 I was a mother of two before I married my husband Tom, and now I have gained five more.  Therefore, I am a mother of seven, grandmother of twenty-seven, and a great-grandmother of six. I love to paint and sculpt. 

I have some examples of my work on my current book's webpage, that is the same name as my new book.  My poetry has been published in over one-hundred literary magazines, and my short stories in several more.  I have been published in academic journals as well.  I am currently working on marketing my new book, Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts. I interact with my peers on LinkedIn in various author and publishing groups, Facebook and Twitter. 

Many may wonder why I am so adamant in my support of bladder cancer awareness. I think it is because I remember only, too, well how badly I needed to talk to someone about it, and to find information that would help me understand what was happening to me.  However, when I was diagnosed there were none of these things available. I had great medical care, but there was no informative or emotional support.  I decided to try to change this if I could. Since that time, things have changed some but not nearly enough. My quest has only just begun.  That is why the sales of my books are given to the American Bladder Cancer Society.

Writing has always been a passion of mine.  I began writing news and feature articles for a small town newspaper in Southeast Missouri at the age of nine. Because of the nurturing and encouragement by the news editor, I developed a love and a need to write.  By the time I was working on my graduate degree, several of my poems, short stories and feature articles had been published. Since that time, over one hundred of my short stories and poems have found their way into literary magazines.

 I have been a featured poet in several literary journals over the years.  It was only natural that my love of writing took on another purpose after I had been diagnosed with Stage T3 bladder cancer.   I suddenly realized that there was a big void in information, awareness and support.    Somehow, I had to my share to change this situation because it is ranked as the 5th most prevalent, ranked 4th. in men, and as prevalent in women as cervical cancer, but deadlier.

 My books writing and my books became a way for me to make a difference.  My first book, Pulse Points of a Woman’s World, is a walk through life.  It is divided into four sections which are: Pulse Points of Youth, Pulse Points of Love, Pulse Points of Reality and Pulse Points of Wisdom. It was nominated for the 41st. Annual Georgia Author of the Year Award My novel.
An Underground Jewell is set in a possible near-future, and is about a female sleuth who must clear herself after being accused of espionage by hacking into the national computer system. What if all the western world's information is eventually located in a central computer center, and a terrorist faction has infiltrated several of our government agencies? How much worse could it be? Just recently in the news, an illegal was discovered working at a nuclear power plant. This is a possible scenario, and I think you may find we have reason for concern. This espionage attempt goes much farther and deeper than the stealing of information.  As Elizabeth tries to clear her name, many other mysteries are uncovered along the way.

My other book, Merchild Land, was inspired by my first granddaughter who insisted that I tell her numerous stories about mermaids.  Merchild Land is a delightful children's story that will keep both child and adult captivated with its lovely lyrical verse. This is a perfect bedtime story that will send you little one off to the land of mermaids, merchildren and all the wonders under the sea until evening. As the shadows fall, and it is time for bed the children dream of flying high above the mermaids' ocean home, sailing the sky's misty sea above the waves' highest dome on a boat of golden sails, and silvery wings. They visit strange lands as they ride the waves of the Milky Way , talk to the man in the moon, and dine with kings sailing the whole night through.

Is Here!
My newest book is a memoir, Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts, was inspired by a young man that has some very serious heart problems, and all the people I have met over the years as a teacher, mentor and a bladder cancer survivor.  I have tried my best to encourage them, and to give them hope.  To not give up on themselves or life. 

 As I have traveled along life’s highway, I keep running into people who have let the rocks that have been thrown in their life’s road giving up on themselves, or life in general. The truth is that life is harsh, and it is not like the movies that give a false impression that it is smooth sailing. Being the hero that toughs it out and keeps on regardless of the situation is difficult, but with faith, it can be accomplished. It often takes a backbone, humor and a wishbone to survive it all.

Because of this, I decided to write a book to share my life’s experiences so that it may inspire someone to come back fighting when life knocks them down. The book is a journey though time from childhood to mature adulthood. The stories and poems in this book reflect the lows and highs of life. The loving memories, the hardships and the things we learn as we travel the road of life. It covers an abusive mother who had mental problems because of being abused as a child, childhood polio, a rocky marriage with a husband who was often abusive, the role of caregiving, death and grief, coping with bladder cancer, asthma, losing a home and more.

Therefore, to not to scare you off with gloom and doom, there are funny stories along the way and an ending that I never dreamed would happen. My hope is that the book will bring about understanding to others, and be inspiring to even more. Our journey in life has a purpose, finding it is often the most difficult task of all.

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