Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Waiting for the Birth of Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts

I anxiously await the publisher to provide the custom interior samples, and the sample cover designs.  One of my faults is to have patience when waiting on others.  I have made contact with the person who is going to create my book trailer.  I am looking at ways to market the book.  I hope other bloggers will give me a chance to be interviewed on their blogs, and bookstores will let me schedule book signings.   However, for the most part I sit and wait, anticipating the results.  This is a nerve racking as my first book. I have bared my soul hoping that it will be of some help to others to know they are not alone, and giving up is not an option.  Living is too important. If anyone knows, it is me.

 Leave me some comments, feedback, remarks or even ask some questions for me to answer to help me pass this time. 


  1. I would LOVE to interview you on MY blog! I also "hear" you about the waiting on others part :) Let's chat soon about that interview! I have a video to create!

  2. I can vouch for Julie (who is preparing your trailer with tears in her eyes) as she is one of the most professional and creative people I know.

    My father just had his bladder removed as it was cancerous.

    Amazing how life hands us the unexpected (and God leads us in directions we could never dream).

    I can honestly say I am glad I had Prostate cancer! You see, I happen to be fortunate enough to be a CURED cancer survivor, but the REAL story is that my surgeon is the man who INVESTED the PSA test....Bill Catalona, here in Chicago.

    Because I have since raised funds for Prostate Cancer awareness, been featured in Dr. Catalona's QUEST magazine and kept in touch... When I asked him for guidance and help /introductions to assist my father with his challenge in Miami, I had a RESPONSE in 24 HOURS!

    How many people can email one of the world's top researchers and one of the worlds top surgeons, and get a response back in 24 hours?

    That was God working in my life, so I could provide some HELP of VALUE to my Dad.

    BTW - He has recovered well from the surgery and has a SUPER POSITIVE attitude.

    God Bless you, and everyone else who is fighting the brave fight against cancer -- of ALL kinds!

    PS - Check out http://www.imermanangels.org/

  3. The word should have been INVENTED, not INVESTED, but I am not an author anyway :-)

  4. That would be great Sylvia - I will be sending you a link shortly to review. Jim is my biggest fan and a great person to have in your corner!

  5. Jim,

    Thank you for the information about yourself, and your father. I am a 17+ yr. survivor of stage 3. I was lucky that it was caught in time. I had a radical cystectomy, and an Indiana pouch. I have worked ever since to help others, and to try to make them aware of this cancer. If you know of anyone who has it, the American Bladder Cancer Society has a great site for information and support. The link is www.bladdercancersupport.org. Bless you and your father as well. You sound like you have a brave and positive spirit.


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