Saturday, January 7, 2012

More about Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts

I have been busy working with the publisher to get it ready for press.  There is so much to do, such as collaborating to get the cover just right.  The book has pictures, and making sure they are in the correct place in the script.  This is the part that I dislike, but it is necessary.  As soon as I know the release date, I will be relieved. 

I shared one of the stories in the book that happened my first two years of teaching in a high school, and that was 20+ years ago.  This is the one I posted on the blog with the title, Charlie's Story.  There is an update to that story.  Charlie called me a few days ago to check on me, and to let me know he is doing well.  I am not sure how much little things like touching base with a former teacher means.  Knowing that you touched someone, and somehow it made a positive difference is what teaching is all about. 

Because I directed the theatre program, coached the Speech and Debate team, taught art and speeches classes, I had contact with many students over the years that I taught high school.  The picture I am sharing was one of the musicals that included students in grades two through twelve.  The students built the sets, students made the costumes and it was their production. This picture was opening night, and they had a corsage for me, and gave me a trophy...which really belonged to them for all their efforts. It wasn't my play, I just helped them get was theirs, and they made it a success.

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