Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Flashback on the Rocky Road of Child Abuse

One thing I discuss in the book was why and how my mother was
 abused as a child. I am surprised that she survived it all. She 
suffered everything from beatings to a stepmother who tried to poison her. She was removed from the home at the age of twelve to be reared by a couple who had never had children. In the book, I talk about the way she was abused. It is abhorring what the stepmother did to her. She was treated less that a dog.

My father met her for the first time when she was twelve-years-old. She had run away, and he found her sitting on a log in the middle of the woods crying. Little did he know that this would be his future wife.  

My father tried his best to make up for all the years she had suffered abuse, but no matter how much he tried and no matter how much he loved her, it was not enough. He showered her with gifts. In 1929, he bought her a fur coat. She never had to ask to go shopping for clothes or the get her hair done because he was always there to say, don’t you think you need a new outfit nor wouldn’t you like to go to the beauty shop. Even with all the attention he lavished on her, she was never satisfied with what she had. Finally, he stopped giving her gifts because she did not appreciate them.  

By telling her story, it helps me, and the reader to understand why she abused me verbally and physically. I wish that things had been different because I never felt loved by her, or good enough to measure up to what she wanted me to be. Even in the end of her life, she only could think of one thing, and that one thing was to be with my father. It would just be him and her once again, and I would be out of the picture. However, learning to cope with these things gave me strength to cope with other things in life such as a rocky marriage.

There is more of this time in my life in the book.

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