Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Rocky Road of being a Bladder Cancer Survivor

This past couple weeks have been a little rough health-wise.  I started out with muscle cramps in my legs.  Those I can stand and straighten my leg to work them out, but then I began having them in my feet and toes.  The toes literally curled under and my foot distorted.  I had noticed that I was more tired than usual, and I felt weak and my hands and body trembled. I decided it was time to call the doctor to get checked.  She did a full blood lab work-up on me to find out what was happening.  I had to wait on the lab results. Each day while I waited, I symptoms got worse.  Finally, on Friday I receive a call from my doctor's nurse with the lab results.  Everything checked out fairly well except my potassium was very low even though I take potassium supplements.  The doctor instructed me to double the dosage that I was already taking. 

I am feeling better, but I still feel a little shaky today.  This is only one of the things that can happen after a radical cystcectomy with a diversion pouch because part of the intestines have been used to construct the pouch and the urostomy.  I had been lucky because this was the first time I had experienced such a severe spell.  You can find out more about bladder cancer, and understand more about why I give the proceeds of the sales of all my books to the American Bladder Cancer Society at:  All my books can be found on Amazon at:

In addition, the weather has been beautiful and everything is blooming out.  My allergies are affected by the pollen, and therefore, so too is my asthma.  However, this too shall pass.  I just will have to pace myself even though there is so much to do this week.  I have a lot to do to get ready for the reception Saturday, and then the rest of the month and most of April will be very busy. 
Today I was the honored guest on Stuart Aken's Blogspot.  If you would like to read the interview, you can do so at .  He asked some very insightful questions that were different that some other interviews I have had.  I think you would enjoy it. 

Keep in touch, there will definitely be more updates!

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