Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Busy Day on the Rocky Road of Writing, Sharing and Being Normal...Did I say that..Normal!

Yesterday, I spent about 12 hours setting up and scheduling interviews for authors on my other blog,  Thoughtful Reflections blogspot, that is dedicated to that purpose. It was a busy day answering phone calls and email.  Several of the calls were telemarketers (even though my phones are on the no call list), and I had a few that were having to do with the politicians running for office. 

One call was funny.  My house phone rang while I was busy working on an interview set-up.  I had my cell phone sitting near my house phone, and for some reason it didn't click that there was a call on it as well.  I answered the house phone, but I couldn't hear the person on the other line because of some loud music being picked up on it.  Finally, it dawned on me that a call had come in on my cell phone just about the time I answered the house phone.  I excused myself to the person on the house phone to see who was calling on the cell phone, and to tell them I would call them back.  Wouldn't you know it, it was a telemarketer!

One of the phone calls was from a reporter , Sarabeth Waller, who works for the Daily American Republic newspaper.  She did an interview over the phone for a newspaper article.  Once we began talking, I discovered that she lived where I once taught high school at East Carter County High School.  She had moved there a few years after I had moved to Georgia and began teaching at the college level.  Thank you Sarabeth for the interview.

Later in the day, I was in contact with Susan Robinson who is setting up an article on the book for the March/April issue of the Focus on Women Magazine.  That was exciting, at least to me, and it is and honor to have this article written. Thank you Susan.

Today I am trying to catch up all the interviews for other authors, work on getting preparations for the author reception that is scheduled for the 24th. of this month and do some mundane things like wash clothes.  I took a few days vacation, but I think I need to go back to work tomorrow so I can get some rest! :)

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