Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nominated and Selected as Today's Honoree! Wow, What an Honor! A Win for Bladder Cancer!

I was amazed and delighted that I was nominated and selected as a Today's Honoree.  I am always delighted when someone helps spread the word about bladder cancer, or does something that helps their fellowman/woman.  What a wonderful thing to happen.  I hope all of you who read this visit, or at least find out what the risks and symptoms of bladder cancer are at the American Bladder Cancer Society at

I had to make a couple of changes on the proof copy.  However, I think it will be very soon that the book will be available.  I have to follow up on my launching plans, and schedule some booksignings. Once I get a copy of my book, I have a review lined-up.  I have ordered bookmarks to give away, and I have business cards.  Any suggestions on what else I should do besides work on my online marketing. 

I just completed the questionaire for an interview on my children's book, Merchild Land.  I will let you know when that will be available.

This waiting and anticipation is not a comfortable place for me.  My hands are tied in many ways.  All I can do, is to look for ways to promote bladder cancer and the books.

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