Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Rocky Road of SStroke Recovery

Yesterday was Friday July 13th. And I came home from rehab. I hope I don’t make too many typos and grammatical errors. When I posted my last blog entry, I was dealing with nose bleeds.    I had a nose bleed that would not stop.  I was losing a dangerous amount of blood. There was a procedure that involved cauterization, but doing it came with a chance of a stroke.   Because I was losing so much blood, we decided to take the chance. Unfortunately, I had a stroke in my right temporal lobe of the brain.  T stroke affected the left side of my body, but with therapy and faith in myself, plus a bit of g us, I am walking with a walker.  I can use my left hand some, but I am still working on my fine motor skills. I will recover; it will just take a little time and some work and patience on my part.        “The thing for all of to remember is that when things get bad, hang in there. We must remind ourselves that things will always get better. After a storm, the sun will shine again. It may be a few minutes later, a few hours, or even a few days. But it will always happen.” ~ Unknown

I want to thank all who sent Get                  well   Wishes, visits and flowers.


  1. Glad that you are back home - I came by to see when you were in the hospital , but you doing PT so I did not stop - sorry I never made it back around to see you. Yes, the sun will shine again and with you faith you will be up and going in time. Patrisia

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