Sunday, May 13, 2012

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears. ~John Vance Cheney

Happy Mothers' Day to all.  I was very blessed this Mother's Day.  My youngest son sent flowers, my eldest son is fixing a steak dinner for me, and my eldest Granddaughter called this morning.  My step-daughter called me last evening, and my youngest son this morning.  It is wonderful to be loved. 

This has been quite a week.  I managed to drive myself to work even though I had some few problems with the breathing, and I am still having problems with the stoma.  I talked with my pharmacist, and he gave me something I could try until I saw my urologist. If you wish to know more about an Indiana Pouch, you can find out at  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with my family doctor, and I am going to tell her about the pattern I have observed over the past few days.  It begins with getting very cold from the inside out, and then trembles that is followed by being weak and short of breath.  I am going to pursue this until we identify the cause.  I am not a quitter.  That is not how I survived thus far.   I will insist that we find the underlying cause rather than just treating symptoms.

At times, challenges hit with the force of a roaring, rushing waterfall. The true test, however, is whether you can put your arms up and enjoy the feel of the water. ~Aviva Kaufman  Sometimes, the ability to survive requires that you do this.  There is always something good in the test, it is how you deal with it.

My health insurance has a wellness plan and assigns a nurse/coach to you based on your health problem.  I have tried the past two weeks to get in touch with her to no avail.  I am beginning to get a bit unhappy with the insurance company because they require that you do this.  However, they need to be held accountable for following through with their requirements.

The medication the doctors are prescribing are costing me between three and four hundred dollars a month, but they are not working.  I am still hanging in there and trying to find out what is going on with me...not having a lot of luck, but I am not giving up.  There has to be something that is the underlying cause that is being overlooked. 

On the bright side,  I decided to enter the photograph I took at Tybee in a local amateur competition. You can help with that by clicking on the link to add to the hits at: . It is the same one that will be on Doc Kay's new book, Wings of Time.  I have been working with him to create a blog and a book trailer for this book.  The poetry is so much more "literary" than mine.  It is beautiful.  We just express our feelings in completely different ways.  I will let you know when his book has been released, and the link to his blog.

You can find my book, Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts on Amazon with my other books at: .

Check back to see what is next on the Rocky Road.

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